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-Silver State Foods 5/10/2017
The Black Label is the perfect BBQ sauce! Perect amount of heat to the perfect tomato based sauce. Everything is in the correct proportions!
-Richard S. 3/27/2017
I just wanted to drop you a line and say, keep up the good work. Grumpy's is still a favorite of mine. I met yall at the Fiery Food Show in Albuquerque years ago, maybe 10. Bought some sauce and loved it. I continued buying it here and there from Whole Foods in Albuquerque. I have since moved to Kansas City. KS and I have enjoyed the many choices of sauce I have here. I was recently at Whole Foods and stopped by the sauce isle to see what they all had. I found one lonely bottle of Grumpy's Not So Bold sauce. I did a quick back flip and grabbed it. I haven't had Grumpy's in years. My wife thinks I'm a dork. Anyway's, my sister in law was in town visiting shortly after that, so I whipped up some ribs for dinner one night. She reminded me that she's highly allergic to MSG. So I started reading the labels. It was very disappointing to see how much High Fructose Corn Syrup is the number 1 ingredient in most sauces on the market, among other ingredients they put in their sauce. I just wanted to say thanks for making an awesome sauce, keeping it natural and shipping it to Kansas City.
-Ryan K., Kansas City, MO. 8/16/2014
My husband is allergic to corn. I have searched for years for a sauce without corn. I finally found Grumpy's Bold XX. He loves it and puts it on everything!!!
I want to thank you for having one of the only BBQ sauce's out there without corn products. You ROCK!!!
-Misha B., Wellington, CO. 7/24/2014
I never go to the effort of writing a manufacturer. But your sauces have inspired me to do so. Thank you for creating such tasty sauces- Goodnight-Loving and Black label. Plus I love the pig!
-Cindy B. 11/8/2012
Many months ago, I found your sauce on sale at Whole Foods in Boulder when I was looking for a sauce without any artificial junk in it. I bought the Bold XX and have repurchased it a few times since. I think it is fabulous. Just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work.
-Susan W, Boulder, CO. 1/29/2012
I have been enjoying "The Mix" you sent to me to no end.....I have found that it not only works well as a Bar-B-Q sauce. But also on my eggs, bologna sandwiches, smokies, and as a dip with my Frito's and celery. It just doesn't get any better then this. I hesitated to do this,but did give a bottle to two friends to enjoy. They love it!!
-Jeffrey G. from Priest River, Idaho 10/18/2011
Simply the best BBQ sauce I've found in any store in the past 30 years of trying most any. I really appreciate the use of the simple ingredients to achieve the superb flavors. I'm known for my cooking skills and when the conversations and menu turns to BBQ. Grumpy's gets all the accolades.
Great job!
-Richard Y. Boulder, CO. 8/7/2011
I consider myself a BBQ afficionado - spent countless, hundreds of hours either smoking or eating BBQ all around the country and have to say;your sauce is my absolute favorite. Bold XX and Not So Bold are staples in my diet. You do a fantastic job. Keep it up!
-Bob P. Lone Tree, CO. 7/27/2011
I have been searching for the barbeque sauce that fits my taste preferences best. This search has uncovered dozens, if not hundreds of sauces that were prospective candidates. Your sauce is on the top of my list. It is tasty and flavorful without being overpowering. I congratulate you for being better than the rest - and there were a lot of contenders
-Arty P. Livingston, NJ. 7/25/2011
I tried your sauce (Bold XX) for the first time this weekend - WELL DONE!
I am not a BBQ connoisseur by any means, but that was about as flavorful a sauce as I can remember. I am a little hesitant at trying certain products from Whole Foods (I want to actually tatse my food) but I was in a hurry and I figured I should buy from a Colorado company.
I am glad I did. I will definitely try other flavors next time around.
-Edward M. Denver, CO. 6/26/2011
...This is the BEST BBQ sauce ever. I usually won't even eat BBQ, but that is not a problem anymore with Grumpy's Black Label...
-Tina N. Jamaica, Iowa 9/12/2010
While shopping at Ideal Market in Boulder. I came across the display of your products. The "Texas Style" description caught my eye, and with a "we'll see" attitude I brought a bottle home and applied it to some grilled chicken left over from the weekend. I was immediately transported 1100 miles south to Houston Texas, and the many enjoyable BBQs I attended and catered at. My family owns and runs Weatherlys Catering specializing in brisket. And your sauce tastes as close to anything outside of our own recipe as I have ever tried. It duplicates what many of the other finer cooks in that area use as a BBQ sauce. All are different but all are similar and yours is good enough for me to promise to be a repeat buyer of this product. And I will inform the other Texas transplants I know of my discovery.
Thank you.
-Greg W. Westminster, CO. 8/10/2010
We taste a lot of "award winning" barbeque sauces that are OK, but not standouts. Grumpy's BBQ Sauce is an award-winning line of sauces that does stand out. Each of the four sauces- Black label, Bold XX, Goodnight-Loving and Not So Bold- gets at least an honorable mention from our tough-as-nails reviewers. However, Goodnight-Loving was the flavor that really spoke to us. The thick sauce is not cloying (as so many thick barbeque sauces are), so we were able to taste the chicken flavor of our free-range Murray's chicken instead of only tasting sauce. Goodnight-Loving has a pleasant, creeping heat that gives the sauce a nice bite, balanced by a nice sweetness and a lasting finish. And the cute pig graphics win the "best label" award.
-The Nibble/ 7/26/2010
Excellent ingredients,label,taste,smell,consistency. A great balance of sweet,spice and tang that won't burn your mouth off. The addition of natural hot sauce,habanero powder,cayenne peppers,and oriental hot mustard heat up your mouth to a slow simmer,but don't take it to the level of Scoville novelty like some spicy BBQ sauces. After grilling the flavor remains strong and some of the subtle spices come out. the ingredients stay all natural- using tomato paste and vinegar instead of ketchup and using dark brown sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Simple yet elegant website and label. Clearly,Grumpy is a guy who knows what he is doing. Grumpy's Black Label BBQ Sauce 5 out of 5
-BBQ Sauce Reviews, 8/11/2009
The best Godam sauce on this side of the world. I am a prospector and I have travelled quite a bit and consider myself a BBQ expert. When I bought your sauce in Saco Maine, I couldn't believe it (simply the best). It could make any start up bbqer a pro. Bought a case brought it back to Montreal,and there it is. Thanks
-Philippe L. - Montreal
I just tried the Private Reserve Barbeque sauce, Not So Bold flavor. This is the best I have ever had,what I have been looking for a long time.
-Thanks, Jane
Hi Jeff, I'm a new product development chef working in the UK. Tried some of your fine sauce (brought back from USA on a cruise ship); well done mate. Excellent sauce. When will it be available in the UK and where can I get a t-shirt? Well done on recent award!
-Regards, Lain
I do a lot of BBQ and try a ton of sauces. Your Bold XX may have just beat out the top sauce on my list. Great work.
-Bob P. Lone Tree, Colorado
LOVE Grumpy's BBQ sauce! My favorite sauce is BOLD XX because I like the sweetness along with the spicy flavor. I use it all the time and it's hard to keep a bottle on the shelf! My son's favorite is a toss-up between Goodnight Loving and the new flavor, Black Label. He likes the heat... My husband's top pick is Black label. As you can see, we need a variety pack to keep everyone happy with their own flavor!!
-Jeannette Evergreen, CO.
Hi Jeff, In my never-ending quest for the perfect BBQ sauce, I picked up a bottle of your BoldXX
at the new Colorado Cupboard here in Longmont. I had some smoked brisket in the freezer
just waiting for something special, so broke it open even though we had other sauce in the fridge.
Oh My! Both my husband and I went back for way too much meat just because we wanted to
eat more of your sauce! I'd say we've found the closest thing to perfect yet. Keep up the good work!
We'll be buying more and some to share to boot.
-Thanks, Penny N. from Longmont, Colorado
We took home a bottle of your sauce and tried it last night. My husband told me to get rid of
everything else in the fridge. From now on it's only Grumpys in there.
-Dianne S. from Lakewood, Colorado
Can't wait to get that sauce on my grill. Your Flippin Famous... Dang. Greets from Hershey Pennsylvania...
-Al Williams
...I am anxious to try the Black Label. I used the Goodnight yesterday to marinade ribs for Father's Day. They were delicious! I drizzled the Bold on some spaghetti squash the other day and it too was superb (I had to run out and use some KC Masterpiece...ugg! No comparison!)...
-Patricia from Denver, Colorado
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