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A Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce
Like ALL of Grumpy's award winning barbeque sauces. Bold XX is All natural, with no additives or preservatives. Has NO MSG. Is Gluten free. And is low in sodium. This sauce has a bit of a bite to it. Sweet up front with a spicy follow through. Bold XX is a well balanced sauce, that goes well with everything. Beef, chicken, pork, fish and veggies.
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A Sweet BBQ Sauce
Is just that. Not as spicy as the BOLD XX; just a fraction of the heat. With a distinctive mustard background that's not overwhelming, & a hint of honey. This sauce goes well with most everything, but is best on pork and chicken.
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A Texas Style BBQ Sauce
My Goodnight-Loving sauce is for folks who want a sauce with a bit of a bite. Vinegar and spices make this sauce stand out from the rest. I find it best on beef brisket and ribs both beef and pork. On pulled pork it is fantastic. And it's not too shabby on any type of fowl.
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A Spicy BBQ Sauce
Grumpy's Black Label is a classic sauce with Habanero and cayenne peppers for the heat. This heat starts slow. But it's how you finish that counts. There may be hotter, but none tastier on your barbeque than Grumpy's Black Label.
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